2019 Women's Team Italy Announcement

The INBHF is pleased to announce the Women's National team for the 2019 ISBHF World Ball Hockey Championships.

On behalf of the INBHF, Women's Vice President, General Manager and Head Coach, we are excited to release the team who will be competing at the 2019 ISBHF World Ball Hockey Championships in Kosice, Slovakia from June 14 to June 22, 2019. The journey to get to this point was long but we hope with this group of ladies that a medal can be brought home. 

Laura-Marie Bianconi, Ottawa
Alicia Blomberg, Ottawa
Carley Blomberg, Timmins
Rocchina Burdo, Maple
Nicole Corriero, Thornhill
Christina D'Ambrogio, Etobicoke
Pamela D'Ambrogio, Etobicoke
Samantha DeLenardo, Keswick
Brittany Friesen, Hillsdale
Amanda Ieradi, Ottawa
Annalisa Mazzarello, Ottawa
Jennifer Mormile, Toronto
Kristen Netta, Mississauga
Ashley Palozzi, Maple
Frances Russo, Maple
Victoria Vigilanti, Woodbridge
Nicole Vigilanti, Woodbridge
Emma Whiteside, Everett

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